About us.

We just want to write right.

We’re not interested in being a full-stack marketing agency. Our goal has always been to do one thing really, really well. We know that by writing brilliant B2B content we’ll increase our customers’ ROI one beautifully written word at a time. 

Explain yourshelf!

Humble, smart, hard-working people that want to make a difference in the world by weaving words into B2B content magic.

Our writers are our own.

We do not use a freelancing network of writers. All our writers are employed full-time by Shelf. Every writer, no matter their experience level, is put through rigorous in-house B2B content writing training as well as industry training (Machine Learning Models 101 and Understanding digital transformation- expert level anyone?).

Everything is interesting when you take the time to learn about it. Our writers are all curious by nature. Some are recovering journalists so have a baked-in need to find the newsworthiness in everything. ISO Compliance? Fascinating! European VAT laws? We love it! There is no such thing as boring.

There is no such thing as boring.

We don’t know everything.

No one at Shelf wants to be the smartest person in the room (but each of us makes damn sure we’re always the hardest working person in the room). We value the fact that we’re always learning. We know marketing tactics change faster than required iOS updates. We don’t think there’s anything wrong with staying in our lane so we’ll never give unsolicited marketing advice. We listen, we learn and then we write.

Our operations team work hard to protect our writers’ time. Writing exceptional content requires hours of deep thinking and uninterrupted time. So you might have to excuse us from joining your Slack channel or Gmail chat group. To write well for you, we cannot be distracted by you. 

Structure = order = excellent work.

We love to annihilate distraction.

(Writing is deep work)

Our Journey of Shelf Discovery  

A short story about what will be a long shelflife. 

In 2019, Hila Bouzaglou left her job as a Marketing Director of a Multinational B2B tech and service business to start Shelf. As an ex-journalist and content writer, Hila found it hard to find B2B content writing talent to produce reliable, deep content for their industry at scale. So she started Shelf (With the multinational she worked for onboard as her first client). Shelf quickly grew from glorified freelancer status to a team of 8 people (and growing) and tens of clients worldwide (also growing!), serving up words to B2B SaaS & Service businesses across continents from this beautiful tip of Africa.

Words we think should be assassinated (but quick and painlessly): 

The challenge with B2B tech and SaaS writing is that when everyone is automating or digitally transforming or A.I driven, businesses start to sound and look the same. This dilutes and homogenises the content to dead-boring status. We spend an above-average amount of time searching for synonyms and more descriptive words so we can rejuvenate stale jargon like the below:

End-to-end (yuck!)

Seamless (oh please!)

Our Trusted (“Thy lady doth protest too much, methinks.”)

Customer-centric (not descriptive enough!)

Best-in-class (🤮)

Gain (zzzzz…)

Disruptive (if everyone is, then no one is)

Unique (Who isn’t?!)

Increase (So many better words!)

We strive (passive AF!)

Dynamic (done!)

purpose-driven (prove it!)

Data-driven insights (there’s got to be a better way!)

Next-gen (Please. Just. Stop.)

“As a writer, there is truly nothing more satisfying than the moment you find a hard-working, powerful word to replace a tired, overused one.” - Julian Agudelo, Head of Content @ Shelf

Something to read while you number 2:

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