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We help marketing Directors and content managers increase their ROI one [thoughtfully] written word at a time.

Here's the thing...

They don’t call it content marketing for nothing. All marketing strategies are meaningless without content. From Hubspot funnel campaigns to SEO, it all needs insightful, educative and high-converting content. 

So like, who are you?

Tell us your story, then we’ll write the story you want to tell. We derive a lot of joy from getting to know our clients’ worlds. So we’re here to listen…then write.

I’m a Marketer

I’m under pressure and I need you to make my life easier. Or at least make content production easier (because nothing else in my life is #ROI).

I’m a Business owner

So much to say, so little time! Can I bring my ideas to you to put my business on the map and sell its story?

(Yes. Yes, you can)

I’m an Agency

You do you, Boo. I’ve got my services and you’ve got the content goods. SEO Engineer? Heyo! Hubspot implementor? Sup! Outsourced marketing strategist? Ola!

Free stuff

You can tell a lot about a person by browsing their shelf. Maybe you want to look around ours? Here are some useful guides, templates and free time to jumpstart your content plans.

Pick your content

off the Shelf…

Here are some of the frequently requested favourites but we’re able to write any piece of content you may need:

Thought Leadership
Brand Narratives
Social media content
Sales email and call scripts
Whitepaper, eBooks and eGuides
Brochures and sales decks


“I make use of several copywriters in my capacity as outsourced CMO, but I always choose Shelf as the preferred supplier for my complex B2B business clients. They make me look good by cracking the brief with real insight, and their professionalism is unheard of in this field - deliverables are always on time. I love knowing that they won’t let me - and by implication my clients - down”.

Caryn Sher, Director of Jack Be Nimble
"The Shelf team is super friendly, and their content is top quality. Any SaaS startup across Europe, US or UK should use them for content marketing. A true secret weapon on the southern tip of Africa.”

Adi Hristova, Founder Growyze
“Masterful writers! Shelf's secret sauce lies in their ability to understand really complex systems, ideas and processes and then distil everything into conversational content that is actually entertaining. Excellent work, great people.”

Brendon Silver, CEO of Playroll
"Working with Shelf was one of the greatest finds, and also one of the biggest reliefs we have ever experienced as business owners. We entrusted the team at Shelf with capturing our product in an authentic and easy to understand way and in doing this with them we finally felt heard, understood and had a voice. Shelf understood who we were, they captured our passion and put that into words for the world to see. They have become our go-to and we feel really grateful to have a team like them to support us in everything and anything "wordy!' "

Bianca Pitt & Yael Rosen (Co-Founders of Ferva and Pulse Motivation)
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Why us?

(Look out! Here come the USPs)

Heavyweight B2B content specialists

Some of us are recovering journalists and others have been writing in the B2B SaaS/Services space for decades. We’ve focused all our efforts and attention on writing within one field and doing it well.

We have a philosophy here at Shelf that good B2B content writing is 80% understanding the business and 20% writing flair. We invest an above-average amount of time learning your business and industry before we put keyboard to digital paper.

We pick up what You’re putting down.

Feed the social media beast

Most businesses begin their content journey with the end in mind – ”We need more social media activity to raise awareness”. But the starting point is having something to say in the first place and then saying it frequently. We write that content for you.

We’re serious about making every word work as hard as your sales and marketing people. We can transform a single idea into a blog, podcast, thought leadership article and 5 social media posts if you set us loose.  

Words with purpose

Beautiful South Africa. Gorgeous Rates.

We’ve got clients across 3 continents within a myriad of different industries. But they all have one thing in common. They come to Shelf to receive heavyweight B2B content while leveraging off a VERY favourable exchange rate. WINNING!

Working with a single freelancer is like putting all your eggs into one basket – dangerous.  And working with a gig marketplace with “over 3,000 great writers” can be quite the gamble. We’re perfectly positioned, right there in the middle, to give you that one-on-one TLC, but at scale.

Not too big; not too small.

Looking for great B2C copywriting?

You’ve come to the wrong place.  

We are not your people.

Pleasure your Shelf.

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