I am a Marketer

Dear Marketer, You can’t do it all.

(But together we can make your CEO think you can)

You’ve got the tech, the strategy, the budget (maybe), the funnels, the CRM, the UTM links, the drip campaign map and it all means nothing without words that sell. 

Can you see the writing on the wall?

Can you see the writing on the wall?

What happens if you continue wasting time and money with…

Freelancers who don’t quite understand your business?

Colleagues who are meant to write some blogs for you? - “Hey Sheryl, you’re good with words right?”

Executive leaders, who want to be the next Simon Sinek (yuck) in your monthly client newsletter but never write a word? Ever.

Your in-house writer, who won’t come into the office because office politics triggers them so they work out of their caravan in the Nevada desert for three hours a day with their three-legged dog by their side? And they want Fridays off.

The answer:
Marketing Strategies never get off the ground.

But when you have reliable consistent and brilliant B2B content everything else becomes easy.

Truth is, content generates activity, activity drives action and action converts into ROI. 

Popular content requests from Marketers:


Brand narrative Direction

Thought leadership articles

Sales collateral

Website content

Downloadable lead magnets (ebooks, whitepapers and more)

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it’s time to get your shit together and mark your content generation problem as solved.