B2C Copywriting

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Content Writing for B2C Businesses that need smarter content.

When the content needs to be smarter, deeply researched and informative, what you actually need is a B2B writer.

Not all writers are

created equal

A B2B writer is capable of succinctly and eloquently explaining complex ideas (like financial advice) and delivering equal parts entertainment and insight. That’s why a B2B writer might be a better fit for explaining and selling your value proposition and your story than a creative copywriter. Food for thought. 

B2C industries we’re best positioned to write for:


Financial Services

Advisors and consultants

B2C SaaS



Community builders and initiative creators

Prosumer/Productivity Tools

B2C industries we’re best positioned to write for:

(We’re not here to waste your time and there are way better writers out there specialising in these fields)







Why do we have a high shelf-esteem?

Because our clients say nice things about us

“I make use of several copywriters in my capacity as outsourced CMO, but I always choose Shelf as the preferred supplier for my complex B2B business clients. They make me look good by cracking the brief with real insight, and their professionalism is unheard of in this field - deliverables are always on time. I love knowing that they won’t let me - and by implication my clients - down”.

Caryn Sher, Director of Jack Be Nimble
"The Shelf team is super friendly, and their content is top quality. Any SaaS startup across Europe, US or UK should use them for content marketing. A true secret weapon on the southern tip of Africa.”

Adi Hristova, Founder Growyze
“Masterful writers! Shelf's secret sauce lies in their ability to understand really complex systems, ideas and processes and then distil everything into conversational content that is actually entertaining. Excellent work, great people.”

Brendon Silver, CEO of Playroll
"Working with Shelf was one of the greatest finds, and also one of the biggest reliefs we have ever experienced as business owners. We entrusted the team at Shelf with capturing our product in an authentic and easy to understand way and in doing this with them we finally felt heard, understood and had a voice. Shelf understood who we were, they captured our passion and put that into words for the world to see. They have become our go-to and we feel really grateful to have a team like them to support us in everything and anything "wordy!' "

Bianca Pitt & Yael Rosen (Co-Founders of Ferva and Pulse Motivation)
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